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In addition to the traditional civil law practice outlined above, June Anglin is a mediator and a collaborative lawyer.  Mediation and collaborative law are two more amicable alternatives to the traditional adversarial model for divorce. Whether your issue is large or small, June Anglin will assist in resolving the matter as efficiently and straightforward as possible.

Mediation is in place to assist parties in settlement of a legal dispute through the participation of a third party who attempt to find areas of agreement in a conflict wherein a just result may be found. Mediation is not arbitration. Mediation differs from arbitration where in third party (arbitrator) acts much like a judge and decides the matter for the parties in an out of court setting.  Mediation has become very common in assisting to resolve domestic relations disputes such as dissolution, child custody, and visitation. Mediation is also becoming more prevalent contract and civil cases due to the efficiency in resolving the matter without large attorney and court costs.  Mediation fees are involved for both parties but the cost savings may be significant if the parties enter into mediation with the intention to settle.