The professionals at Anglin Law Office are committed to providing you with the upmost support and consideration when assisting you with your legal needs. June Edmondson Anglin is an attorney who is well qualified to assist you in the civil matter in which you are engaged.

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June Edmondson Anglin

June Edmondson Anglin has over 29 years' experience as a practicing attorney. She received her law degree from Georgetown University, and practiced in Washington, D.C. for nine years before coming to Colorado in 1992. She is admitted to practice in Washington, D.C. and Colorado, and before the United States Supreme Court. 

June trained in mediation at the internationally recognized CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado, in 1998. In addition, she completed both the Basic and Advanced Courses in Nonviolent Conflict Resolution at the New Foundations Nonviolence Center in 2001. She also completed Domestic Violence Awareness Training at Jefferson County Mediation Services, and was recognized there as the Permanent Restraining Order Mediator of the Year in 2001.  Currently, June is a volunteer mediator for Jefferson County Mediation Services and also mediates in private practice.  
June served as President (2004) and Director (2002-2005) of the Colorado Council of Mediators (CCMO), now known as the Mediation Association of Colorado (theMAC). She also served as an Advisory Committee Member of the Office of Dispute Resolution (2005-2009), and as a member of the Ad Hoc Committee to Revise Recommended Guidelines for Mediator Education and Training (2003-2007). 

June provides each of her clients with a practical and honest assessment of the need for legal action, the potential cost of legal action, and the possible alternatives to legal action. In many cases, negotiation or mediation can provide meaningful results at a lower cost than litigation. In other cases, litigation is unavoidable and the key concerns are keeping costs low and performance effective.


Rewa Ward

Rewa Ward’s paralegal background focused on Civil Litigation, Family Law, Probate, Real Property, and Water Districts.  She offers a non-attorney view and strategies regarding all areas of the Anglin Law Office practice. Rewa also holds a CMCA in Community Management which brings a specific knowledge and assistance when dealing with HOA issues. She also assists with the everyday inner workings of the law office.
In addition to providing legal assistance, she is a very active member of the community and surrounding areas.  Rewa volunteers for the American Diabetes Association. 
Prior to joining the Anglin Law Office, Rewa gained her experience while working with small and medium sized law firms for the past 20 years, here in Colorado as well as California. When not in the office, she enjoys skiing, walking, running, swimming and biking.


Edmond Anglin
Legal Assistant

Edmond Anglin attends school at CU Denver. He saves several days per week for Anglin Law Office, where he serves as a Legal Assistant.